Tourism season has opened: Businesses are looking for staff

Tourism season has opened: Businesses are looking for staff

With the arrival of the summer season, many people from many provinces of Turkey went to work in tourism regions, especially Antalya and Muğla. As such, in Adana, which is one of the most important cities in the field of gastronomy, there was a shortage of personnel in many businesses, especially kebab shops and doner kebab shops.

Currently, kebab and doner shops cannot find intermediate staff such as waiters, busboys, dishwashers who will pay 150-200 liras per day and work with insurance.
All Restaurants and Tourism Association (TÜRES) Adana Branch President Biral Serttaş said, "When it comes to the summer season, our qualified personnel go to work in the tourism sector. This puts our businesses in a difficult situation. As businesses from Adana, we have been experiencing this problem for the last few years. This year, this problem has started earlier. "Because of the pandemic, people could not take a vacation for a long time. This year, the holiday started early," he said.

Explaining that they had difficulty in making up for the lack of intermediate staff, Serttaş said, "What does the man in tourism have to do with the staff of the kebab maker. Every sector has differences. A kebab maker's apprentice or journeyman cannot go and be successful in tourism. However, they will be more successful in their own place and our qualified staff will be trained. The balance cannot be established."

On the other hand, Biral Serttaş stated that it would be more appropriate for people with 'tourism certificate' to go to tourism regions.


İsmail Çalıkran, who has been making kebabs in the city for 20 years, said, "The opening of the tourism season is a problem for us. We train the staff here, we lose them to the tourism sector just as we are at the master stage. We lose our staff to 5-6 months by paying high salaries. This prevents those staff from being masters at an advanced level. We are both having problems and when the employee leaves before the full training is completed, the next generation does not become a master," he said.
Çalıkran said that the daily wage prices of the intermediate staff have also increased and said, "At the moment, we can't find employees even though we pay more than the minimum wage."

Source: Morning