About Us

About Us

Our company BİL-PA A.Ş., which has been operating in Alanya for 23 years. It is among the most well-known supplier companies of the region with its product range that appeals to the hotel industry. It has a customer potential of about 700, and we offer many different products to the foreign market with our foreign exports.

Our own brand AL-BI-MO Hotel bedding and Hotel textile products constitute our most important product range.
Consisting of the most important brands of the market
-Industrial Cleaning Chemicals
-Hotel Cleaning Papers
We have annual sales of 35,000 boxes of Select Toilet Paper, papillion tissue papers.
-Hotel Cleaning Apparatus
-Hotel Amenities
-Plastic garden and beach furniture is our second important product range.

In addition, Tea-Coffee-Herbal Tea and Concentrated beverages, which are in the beverage group, have an important place among our sales.
We continue these services with 8 people, Hotel group staff, 9 vehicles of various types, 350 m2 store 40m2+60m2+120m2 3 warehouses.


Chairman of the Board of Directors